The Village at Bagan

Artisans VillageExperience the past with a stroll through The Village, within the wide compound of Amata Boutique House where you will see how Myanmar villagers work and live in cool bamboo houses, in a traditional setting of their yards planted with fruit or flower trees and edible vines, to be readily plucked and prepared for their meals.

The present-day artisans work with the same techniques, with the same kind of tools used by their forefathers. Lacquer wares are covered with layers of tree sap and painstakingly incised with designs. Palm fronds and bamboo strips are carefully prepared to create baskets. It is a traditional practice for young women to weave all necessary clothing for their families and for sale at pagoda festivals.

The rural craftsmen live in contentment, tranquillity and with pride in their handiwork: all legacies of their Buddhist ancestors of Old Bagan.

Artisans' Village