Amata Boutique House

Discover a new level of enjoyment and luxurious relaxation in one-stop comfort

Amata Boutique House BaganFine dining experiences await you for both lunch and dinner prepared by our international master chefs.

Dinner shows featuring live Burmese orchestras, cultural dances and colourful marionettes.

Be pampered by our specialised Spa treatment with sauna and jacuzzi facilities.

Enjoy aromatic blends of coffee, tea and delicious pastries all day long plus a wide selection of wines, cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Shop in comfort for exclusive objects d’art; view our art gallery of exquisite paintings.

Visit our traditional artisans at work in our villages.

Our premises are fully air-conditioned and have free WiFi access.

Bagan’s dry weather preserved its temples for thousands of years. The legacy of beautiful ancient pagodas is unsurpassed in the world. Its glorious past will enchant you in the cool of the morning and spectacular sunset.

The citizens of Old Bagan avoided the afternoon heat with slow delicious meals and lazy, luxurious pampering in their shady houses. Amata Boutique House offers you a similar experience with fully air-conditioned comfort, impeccable service and remarkable innovation of facilities.

Irrawaddy Fine Dining

offers a variety of delicious Asian and Western meals for both lunch and dinner in a refreshing atmosphere. Cultural shows become alive in the evening light of the beautiful garden.


The Roasted Bean

Take a break with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee in the cool atmosphere of the Roasted Bean Coffee Bar. The wide variety of our coffees includes internationally renowned brands as well as the fabulous aroma of home-grown freshly roasted beans.


Blossom Spa

Let Blossom Spa pamper and rejuvenate you in luxurious surroundings with our traditional herbal and fruit rubs, organically scented oil massages, and aromatic facial treatments in international-standard treatments.


My Bagan

My Bagan gives you a unique selection, as the souvenirs and crafts are exclusively designed and produced for you. We also showcase the crafts produced by orphanages, NGOs and INGOs working with the handicapped or under-privileged, as these organizations usually have few marketing opportunities.


City Bar

The City Bar is the perfect place for the happy hour to hang out with friends or make new ones, reminisce about the day or perhaps meet that special someone. We offer a wide selection of drinks of international premier labels and a variety of wines.


The Village at Bagan

Experience the past with a stroll through The Village, within the wide compound of Amata Boutique House where you will see how Myanmar villagers work and live in cool bamboo houses, in a traditional setting of their yards planted with fruit or flower trees and edible vines, to be readily plucked and prepared for their meals.